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Comix from Inside

Artist: Jacob Barrett

Copyright by Jacob Barrett.

Contact: Jacob Barrett, SID# 11123024, Oregon State Correctional Institution, 3405 Deer Park Drive, S.E., Salem, OR 97310

There is more by Jacob Barrett on our Writing from Prison page.

How Dare You Pollute

Proxy War

Who Am I to Judge?

Mind at Work

Jacob Nut Job

Great Seal
(3 pages)

99 Percent


Oil Junkie

Crime down. War up.

DOC Lord's Prayer

Congressman what do you have to say about the NSA spying on citizens?

You cannot hold my mind

Reduce Crime...


Because I Can

U.S. Prison Policy

Hard Times 10: 99%

DOC Budget Committee

Hard Times 12: Alternative Incarceration Program

Prison Overcrowding

Ex-cons Welcome

Gas Station Shakedown

Help! 5% of the world's population, 25%of it's Incarcerated

Hard Times 4: Human Rights

Gas Station Shakedown 2

Prison Politics

Hard Times 5: Where it All Began

Voodoo Justice

Private corporations have...


Rep. Kevin Manix, OR


DOC - Always Open

McCain - Because...

What Are You Sweeping Under the Rug?

Executions Every Monday

Monkey Evolution

This Whole 'Love Thy Neighbor' Thing

Control Unit

Channel 5 News

Who Is Next?

Mass Incarceration

A Pinch More

Hard Times 9: Everything Looks Good

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