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These comix were sent to the Real Cost of Prisons Project by women and men who are incarcerated. Additional comix will be added.

We encourage you to contact the artist directly if you like and/or want to use his work.

To submit political and analytical comix and cartoons, please send original material or high-quality xeroxes to The Real Cost of Prisons Project. All original work will be returned after it is scanned. There is no payment available for posting comix and cartoons.

Please send the contact information for the artist.

For more information, contact lois@realcostofprisons.org or mail to:

Real Cost of Prisons Project
5 Warfield Place
Northampton, MA 01060

Jacob Barrett

Marcus A. Bedford, Jr.

Michael Brodsky

Adrian English

Ana Lucia Gelabert

Richard G. Hall, Jr.

H. Halm

James Hough

Carnell Hunnicutt, Sr.

Steven Parkhurst


Willie Worley, Jr

The Prison Arts Coalition (PAC) is an independent space providing information and resources for people creating art in and around the American prison system. http://theprisonartscoalition.com/

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